Scout Cart fans will be happy to hear that testing of the Scout frame, baskets and basket bases is nearing completion!

We have simulated crashing the Scout repeatedly into curbs; folding and unfolding it continuously, and attaching and detaching the baskets. Our testing revealed a few problems that are being addressed now. The front wheel forks showed stress with repeated curb crashing. We have reinforced them considerably. The handle has been redesigned for added strength and will require some retooling. Also, the main frame received some attention to soften its folding process.

The baskets are also coming along beautifully. Our original stainless steel wire baskets are strong, traditional and handsome. Our powder-coated metal baskets provide a lighter and less expensive option that is also traditional and attractive.

The wire baskets have bases that provide added strength, a non-slip and non-abrasive bottom surface, and allow for secure attachment to the Scout frame. We will introduce both the stainless and metal baskets at launch and let the consumer decide which they prefer. Final tooling for the basket bases, frame handle and front wheel forks has been ordered. This involves building moulds and requires about six weeks to manufacture.

We are really pleased with the Scout Cart and know our fans will be too. Thank you for all your patience!