Scout Cart, Folding Utility Cart for Office or Home (with Tray)

$329.00 $279.00

The Scout Cart Is Your Premium Folding Cart, Collapsible Office Cart and Urban Utility Tool.

  • Aluminum frame with steel reinforcement plates insures your supplies get from point A to point B reliably.
  • Quick release baskets keep items from getting crushed. Cleaning and storage is convenient.
  • Tray for moving boxes and crates.
  • Premium wheels with rubber tires mean smooth travel in the city, around an office campus, and at the farmers market.
  • Foot parking brake keeps the cart in place when necessary.
  • Ergonomic adjustable handle makes pushing the cart comfortable.
  • Available in Black (Currently sold out of silver).

First, choose your color option, and then select “Add to Cart”


Scout Cart SCV3 features a new lower tray for moving boxes, bottled water, and crates. The tray is in addition to the upper and lower baskets.


Additional information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 18 in

Black with green accents, Silver w/green accents

7 reviews for Scout Cart, Folding Utility Cart for Office or Home (with Tray)

  1. Keri I.

    I love, love, love, love, love my Scout Cart! Love it!

    I live in 800 square feet. My husband is a musician and I am an event coordinator. The ScoutCart truly calmed a nagging problem in my life because it not only hauls important items to and from, but when I reach my destination, I can simply remove the baskets and utilize them to contain the items I need at an event! Fabulous! Then! The storage of my ScoutCart is so very easy in my tiny house! It folds up neatly, the baskets fit inside one another, and they can easily be stored as well! All the way around the ScoutCart is my absolute favorite thing!

    Email sent to by Keri I.

  2. Susanne

    Top Customer Reviews By Customer; Review copied from Amazon Site

    5.0 out of 5 stars – Best cart ever!
    By Amazon Customer on October 4, 2016
    We bought three (3) carts for our family. It is priceless! They are used constantly for the farmer’s market, grocery store runs, art fairs and festivals and walks to the park and beach (pack the gear and lunch). Recently a plumber was packing up after a repair and said: “now what I need is a cart” — he had a lot of parts and tools — of course we pulled out a Scout Cart and he was impressed. “what a neat cart”

    I would recommend this well made versatile cart for everyone! Easy to use, easy to navigate.

  3. Jamie D.

    Top Customer Reviews by Amazon Customers copied from Amazon Site
    5.0 out of 5 starsLove my new Scout Cart
    By Amazon Customer on September 27, 2016
    I just purchased Scout Cart and love it !!! I live in Annapolis MD and so many shops are walking distance so my Scout Cart is very handy for daily errands. I also bought one for my mother ! She loves hers as well. She uses hers for gardening. She loads Scout up with flowers her gardening tools and away she goes into the yard with everything she needs. It goes to show how many different ways Scout Cart can be utilized!! I am buying more for Christmas gifts for my friends and family! -Jamie D

  4. Lawrence

    Top Customer Reviews by Customers copied from Amazon Site
    5.0 out of 5 stars…
    By Lawrence on September 23, 2016
    I purchased the Scout about a month ago and simply LOVE it. I live in the city and do not own a car, so the Scout gets a lot of use. I have actually went through 2 previous carts and I believe this will be the last cart I buy. The only draw back will be the people who stop you and ask where you bought it! Could use a little bigger bottom cart, but other then that, it still fits most of my needs.

  5. Bernice M

    “I received my cart as a gift from my husband.  I go shopping frequently and there are places that run out of carts.  The convenience of having my own cart is truly a luxury.  I love that I don’t have to use plastic bags and I go from shopping to putting my baskets in the car and then straight into the house.  I put it back together when I go shopping.  I’ve had several people ask about this cart and they want to know where to find it.  Thank you, my cart was very much needed.”

    Bernice M. in an email to company.

  6. Frances F.

    “Easier to roll around the store than the big heavy shopping carts. So much better for my tender RA joints!”

    Frances F. Facebook Post September 1.

  7. Tom M.

    Tom Mobry
    July 21 at 9:22pm · Ramsey, MN ·

    Just put together one of thee coolest engineered carts I have ever seen. It’s called The Scout. Great for seniors, urban hipsters (can you say, “green”?), or people that want a sturdy cart for yard work. 
Took me longer to get it out of the box then it did to put it together. The baskets snap in. No tools required. It’s sturdy and has all-terrain type wheels.

    Customer comment sent to company email July 21, 2016

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