Independence is precious — ask any teen, disabled friend or elderly relative who has to depend on others to escort them places. Understanding the power of independence, some school administrators are providing visually and/or mobility impaired students with Scout Carts. Why? The carts carry students’ books and unique supplies (such as a braille machine or a necessary medical device) and give just enough balance support to let them navigate classrooms and hallways on their own, without assistance.

Students with mild physical and mobility impairment often find the support they need with the Scout Cart’s ergonomic design. The rear wheels are positioned to allow a natural gait. The frame can be set lower for students under 5 feet. The handle of the cart also adjusts to better accomodate people of different heights. School staff particularly like how smoothly the Scout Cart rolls and how easily it turns, even on rough outdoor paths.

Scout Cart’s transport-tool design appeals to students, staff

Because the Scout Cart was designed as a transport tool for urbanites, it has an attractive all-purpose appearance and lacks the look of traditional mobility tools — such as the walkers and rollators commonly used. The cart’s appearance and functionality appeals to students and school staff who want to participate in routine activities unremarked. The Scout Cart’s ability to fit into tight spaces is another attribute users appreciate. When it isn’t needed, the baskets can nest and the folded frame can be stored on a shelf, in a closet or under a table.

“Knowing that the Scout Cart is helping people get around more easily and avoid being isolated makes our struggle to bring the cart to market worth all the hard work,” says Scout Cart Founder Allison White. “We are learning about transport and mobility needs we never knew existed. We get calls from parents and teachers who want to thank us for helping them give more independence to their children. There’s nothing better than that.”

The Scout Cart is a premium transportation tool that features two removable baskets and a compact folding frame. Ten inch rear rubber wheels and seven inch front swivel wheels allow the cart to roll easily and quietly over various surfaces, including outdoors. It was designed to provide transport solutions to city dwellers who live and work in walkable urban neighborhoods near grocery stores, hardware stores and farmers markets. The company’s mission is to support walkability and development of active transport solutions that promote physical mobility and help pave the way to car-less and car-free living.