“Got one, Love it,” says happy customer

Severna Park, Md. – Urban living is about to get a lot easier. Scout Carts began arriving on customers’ doorsteps last week and positive reviews are rolling in.

“Got one, love it, keep getting asked for cards,” reports a customer from Boulder County. “Every time I take mine out, I get stopped at least twice, and I live in a great walkable area. In fact, I’m seeing people who would rather be pedestrians reluctantly staying cyclists because the kid’s bike cart gives cargo capacity vs walking.”

With the rise of more walkable living communities in both urban and suburban settings, it makes sense to have a way to comfortably carry purchases from place to place, says Scout Cart Co-Founder Allison White.

“I received my cart as a gift from my husband,” wrote a customer from Stroudsburg, PA.  “I go shopping frequently and there are places that run out of carts.  The convenience of having my own cart is truly a luxury.  I love that I don’t have to use plastic bags and I go from shopping to putting my baskets in the car and then straight into the house.  I put it back together when I go shopping.  I’ve had several people ask about this cart and they want to know where to find it.  Thank you, my cart was very much needed.”

At just 20 pounds, our folding cart’s aluminum frame and polymer composite wheels and mountings provide a smooth ride on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Seven inch front swivel wheels allow for optimal maneuverability and its large back wheels provide navigability for the most uneven terrain.
“Scout is the perfect gift for someone with an active lifestyle. It allows those who live in pedestrian-friendly communities to easily go from place to place and in style,” says White.
Scout Cart is currently available at www.scoutcart.com and will become available through Amazon.com, Houzz.com and Plow and Hearth’s Problem Solver site in late 2016.