By Allison White

The holiday season is fast approaching and online shopping is at an all-time high. Now more than ever, shoppers are looking for ways to keep their credit card data safe and avoid malicious online transactions. That’s why, at, we have security measures in place to protect your credit card information. Here’s what we’re doing — and a few tips on how to navigate safe website shopping this season. Shop with confidence!

Use Websites with a Secure Payment Method

Most importantly, before giving out your credit card information online, find out if the website you are browsing is using a secure payment gateway.  Authorize.Net, Verisign and DigiCert  are three popular payment gateways used by reputable online merchants to securely process purchases.  Trustworthy websites will have a seal of approval clearly visible on their site to inform shoppers of their secure payment method. is a verified Authorize.Net merchant. Click on the Authorize.Net seal on our website to check our verification. Do the same for other websites you use as a safety precaution. All of our credit card purchases are processed through this payment gateway.  In fact, we don’t see your complete credit card data nor do we have access to it. As a result, both the customer and the merchant is more secure.

Padlock Means Site Is Secure

Secondly, shop on websites that have the little padlock in the address bar. Browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox use the padlock (also called a Site Identity button) in the address bar to designate a secure website. As an online shopper, you should be aware that e-commerce sites that don’t have the padlock may be unsafe or malicious websites and should be avoided.

Buy from Authorized Sellers

Lastly, before purchasing a branded product, such as a Scout Cart, be sure the merchant you are purchasing from is authorized to sell the product. This may take a little homework. Try calling or emailing the merchant to inquire about the product you are considering purchasing. Oftentimes, unscrupulous online sellers are not even familiar with the products they list and won’t be able to answer your questions.

There are a number of merchants selling Scout Cart products online without authorization — meaning we do not know who they are or where they got the Scout Carts they are selling. Products purchased from these merchants are not returnable or protected by our warranty. 

Websites authorized to sell Scout Cart products include,,,, and Our one-year warranty on Scout Carts purchased from these online merchants are valid with proof of purchase. 

We hope this information helps you buy with confidence. Thank you for doing business with us!