Moe taking a ride after a far-enough walk!

When my children were toddlers naptime was my chance to fit in a walk or a run. I was an avid runner in those days and on most afternoons I would bundle my little ones into a double jog stroller and head for the trail. Our dog Moe, a young poodle mix, would come too. 

Within minutes the little ones would nod off. Running along, me and Moe would enjoy the ever changing trail spectacles. Glorious yellow forsythia against newly budding trees in March. The spray of flowering redbud, pear and cherry trees in April. We enjoyed the smell of damp earth and fresh cut grass. In summer, the shade thickened in the wooded sections along the trail and we would slow our pace to linger under it longer before breaking out into the bright, hot sunlight again. No matter the season though, Moe loved the squirrels most.

About two miles into our run Moe would start to lose momentum. When his little tongue hung heavy from his mouth, I would scoop him up and settle him into the sling under the stroller. He would ride comfortably there for another mile or two and the kids would sleep on. These runs were a big part of our lives then. Looking back, I remember how calming they were for us all. Without the double jogger these nap time runs wouldn’t have been possible.

Me and Moe still go for these outings, although more rarely. The kids are in middle school and high school now. The stroller is gone. Moe is old and very slow. Our new dog Dagwood, who is even crazier about squirrels, comes along when we go out. In place of the jog stroller, we have my Scout Cart. When Moe is tired I bundle him into the bottom basket, which I’ve padded with blankets. He rides along with his chin resting on the rim, eyes partly closed. Occasionally, Dagwood rides too.

Customers tell me about their Scout Cart expeditions with pets. Ruby, a small and energetic dog, likes to ride in the bottom basket on trips to the farmers market, shops, and community get-togethers. She stays safe by being secured with a very short strap that attaches to her halter and to the basket. 

Another customer told me she puts her 10 lb. dog in a soft carrier and then puts the carrier in the top Scout Cart basket. Her little dog goes everywhere she goes. They are both happier with this arrangement and the Scout Cart makes their days just a little more comfortable.

Old dogs like my Moe, can ride safely in the bottom basket. Make it comfortable by fitting it with a small padded dog bed or a folded blanket. Even for old dogs, its best to secure them in the basket and never leave them unattended. We recommend that dogs not sit or ride in the top basket unless they are in a carrier — for safety reasons.

Enjoy more walks.