Spring is an ideal time to give your Scout Cart a tune-up to keep it rolling smoothly and handling with ease. Warm walking weather and the opening of farmers markets and street festivals means more opportunities to be out and about on foot and you’ll want your Scout Cart in excellent working condition.

Maintenance needed on the Scout Cart is minimal, but important. Here are tips on cleaning and rotating the wheels, adjusting the handle tension, and washing your cart.

Cleaning and Rotating the Wheels

Over time the rubber on the wheels will wear and debris may build up around the wheel hubs and where the wheels attach to the cart frame keeping your cart from rolling and turning smoothly.

To get started, clean and rotate the front wheels. Remove each wheel arm at the attachment point by pressing the gray button and pulling downward. Make note of which wheel is on the left and which is on the right so that when you reattach the wheels you can switch them. Use a damp cloth to clean around the wheel arm attachment points and pins to maintain optimal wheel swivel.

Next, remove any hair, string or debris that may have wrapped around the wheel hubs. You should be able to do this without loosening the screw and bolt. If not, loosen the screw from the bolt on the wheel just enough to allow clean out. Clean and retighten. Give the wheel a spin. If you feel resistance, slightly loosen the screw from the bolt. When you have it just right, reattach. Lubricants should not be necessary.

Cleaning the rear wheels is quick and easy. Simply remove each wheel by pressing the gray button near the attachment point on the frame. Wipe the pins and pin receptors clean. Rotate and reattach.

Adjust Handle Tension with 8mm Nut Driver

Over time the handle on your Scout Cart will loosen. Don’t worry, it’s easy to adjust the handle tension with the correct tool. You will need an 8mm nut driver or a socket wrench and an 8mm socket. These are available at your local hardware store.

Insert the 8mm nut driver into the opening at the base of the handle — opposite the thumb latch. Tighten the nut. Next, test the handle. Does the thumb latch (which allows you to adjust the handle height) lock down? If not, you have over-tightened the nut. Loosen it a bit and test again. There should be a little play in the handle. Tightening the nut so that the handle does not move at all will prevent the handle from folding down to store away. Also, over-tightening the handle and then forcing it to fold will eventually strip the handle mechanism. Please do not over tighten.

Washing the Frame and Baskets

The best way to clean your Scout Cart frame is with a damp cloth. Simply wipe it down. If necessary, use a little dishwashing soap on the cloth. Wash, rinse and dry. We do not recommend using a hose to clean the cart or putting it into a sink of water because the aluminum tubes will fill with water and potentially compromise the internal mechanisms.

To clean your baskets, place them in a sink of warm soapy water and scrub with a soft brush or cloth. They can also go in the dishwasher.

Like your favorite bicycle, the Scout Cart will benefit from a little attention every now and again. Keep walking!