Scout Cart® Your Personal, Portable Cart.

A high-quality personal grocery cart, the Scout® functions like a champ both in store aisles and on the streets.

Explore local farmers markets, village square shops and the grocery store with your own portable shopping cart with wheels.

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ScoutCart - Silver with green accents

Silver with green accents

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ScoutCart - Black with green accents

Black with green accents

Scout Cart’s Fabulous Features

  • Swiveling front wheels allow for superior maneuverability.

  • Baskets provide plenty of storage for weekly shopping trips.
  • Quick-release accessory adapters allow for easy attachment and release.
  • Comfort-grip handle adjusts for ergonomic-fit.
  • Polymer composite wheels handle varied terrain.
  • Front and back wheels detach for storage in small spaces.
  • Parking brake to secure a stopped position.
  • Lightweight design easily folds for compact spaces

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Designed to go where you go

A personal grocery cart for on foot or by car

Condo – Elevator – Sidewalk
Car – Farmers Market — Grocery Store
Path – Boat – Beach – Park – Home.


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Order Now for $249