We are happy to release a new video about the Scout Cart! For those of you who are new to our website, the Scout is a personal shopping cart designed with you in mind. As we highlighted in the video, the Scout is perfect for any urban adventure, whether it be a trip to the grocery store, the farmer’s market, or simply to run errands. Our purpose in designing our city shopping cart is to provide consumers of all ages an alternative to public shopping carts that can be incredibly dirty and hard to maneuver. Also, we want to give you an easy means for carrying your grocery items during your run to the farmer’s market and back. Below are some of the features of our personal grocery shopping cart that set the Scout apart from all other carts:

Ultimate Versatility

The Scout truly gives you the option for versatility. As mentioned above and in the video, the Scout allows you the assistance you need to run your errands. You can take it to the grocery store, farmer’s market, the garden store, home improvement store, or keep it around the house for an all-purpose cart to assist you in your tasks at home.

Lightweight Design

One of the biggest complaints about public shopping carts, especially for our elderly customers, is that they are heavy and hard to handle. The Scout Cart, however, is a sturdy yet lightweight portable shopping cart with wheels—a great option for elderly loved ones to use at the grocery store and at home. Also, its lightweight design allows for ease of use when you take your Scout with you on the go.

Removable Baskets

One thing that sets the Scout apart from other personal grocery shopping carts is that the Scout’s baskets are easily removed. You can remove the baskets for easy cleaning—simply place in the dishwasher! Also, removable baskets give you the option for carrying a variety of load sizes, as well as the option of carrying your items in the baskets up stairs or simply placing them in your car for easy transport home. Unlike other personal shopping carts, our baskets have easy-to-use, attached handles.

All-Terrain Rubber Wheels

If you are looking for a folding shopping cart with swivel wheels, the Scout Cart is just what you’re looking for! The rubber wheels on the Scout are made for ease and convenience. Not only are they removable, if need be, but they are engineered to roll easily over any type of terrain so you can take your Scout anywhere you need it!

Parking Brake

The parking brake feature is another reason to invest in the Scout. Our parking brake will keep your cart exactly where it is supposed to be so that you can shop without the distraction of trying to keep track of your cart. The parking brake is a foot-brake style and is easy to use whether you are at the grocery store or at the local fair.

Comfort Handle

The handle of some carts can be hard and uncomfortable for prolonged use. The Scout, however, has a comfortable, ergonomic handle that makes using the Scout comfortable and easy.

These are just a few of the reasons to choose the Scout, your own personal grocery shopping cart. To learn more or buy your own, visit our website!