Performance reviews of the Scout Cart are rolling in and we are happy to report that our customers are very pleased with their carts. Fans across the U.S. and Canada (and even one in Australia) are writing to say we have hit a home run.

“Got one, love it, keep getting asked for cards,” said a happy Boulder County customer.  “Every time I take mine out, I get stopped at least twice, and I live in a great walkable area. In fact, I’m seeing people who would rather be pedestrians reluctantly staying cyclists because the kid’s bike cart gives cargo capacity vs. walking.”

A Stroudsburg, PA customer said she loves having a cart of her own: “I received my cart as a gift from my husband.  I go shopping frequently and there are places that run out of carts.  The convenience of having my own cart is truly a luxury. Thank you, my cart was very much needed.”

Farmers Market, Art Fairs, Shopping

A Fairmont, MN customer had this to say: “We have loved the Scout Cart since we first saw it on your website. We truly believe you have a solution for us, farmer’s market, art fairs and grocery shopping.” Fairmont, MN.

This is “one of the coolest engineered carts I have ever seen,” reported a fan in Ramsey, MN.

We can’t leave out our dear fan in Queensland, Australia who wrote: “I hope you realise how clever your trolley is…. I love it.”


Coolest Cart

We hope to bring out a new color in 2017. Stay tuned.