“I took the Scout Cart on a pilot journey about 3 days ago and used it again yesterday.

My entire family is so impressed!! I enlisted my husband to help me set it up when it arrived, but it turned out I really didn’t need any help as attaching the wheels and baskets was incredibly easy (and I have some arthritis in my hands).

You are correct about the high quality materials. I noticed that the turn radius was exactly what I hoped for, as far as sharing the sidewalk and fitting into smaller, local stores with tight corners goes. I also loved how the handle was adjustable- my daughter is just over 4 feet tall, I’m just over 5, and my husband is just over 6, but we could all push it at a comfortable height with a 1 second adjustment. My husband especially liked how smooth the ride was, even when it was laden down with a LOT of groceries and typical plastic wheels would have been under lots of strain. I can tell it will work so well on cobblestone streets.

I cannot stress enough how useful it would be for people with mild disabilities or who can’t lift heavy things, because even my daughter was able to push the cart on her own for several blocks even after we had loaded with stuff.

I seriously think everyone should have one. In the rest of the world, making a daily walking trip for fresh food and other errands is a fact of life for millions of people. It can involve lugging heavy bags for miles, and I wish everyone could have this cart, because I know it would actually change people’s lives. For us, it makes our choice of an urban lifestyle so much easier. We cannot wait to take the cart to Europe this summer and begin our own daily walks for fresher food (no plastic bags or ripping canvas bags needed, either!) Thanks for inventing this. You solved a problem in a really user friendly and intuitive way, and we love this cart.” — Shannon (April 20, 2017)

To protect our customer’s identity we removed her last name.