So you’re looking for a perfect Christmas gift? Something a little unusual. Unexpected. You want a standout gift for your cosmopolitan sister, super busy mom or liveaboard uncle. Have you considered our premium Scout Cart with removable baskets and compact folding aluminum frame?

Folks with active lifestyles love this cart for its all-terrain oversized rubber wheels that easily take on cobblestone streets at downtown Christmas markets, imperfect city sidewalks, splintered piers, soccer fields and foot paths. Indoors, it glides like a skater on ice. The carry-all baskets keep outings to street festivals and fairs bright, light and fun (certainly more comfortable).

Scout Cart’s A Must-Have In Walkable Places

For those who live in walkable urban neighborhoods where cars can create a parking nightmare, the Scout Cart ranks must-have status. Enjoy festive decorations and vibrant streets as you walk to community gatherings with your gifts, goodies, cold drinks and hot casseroles tucked safely in the Scout Cart. Running local errands is also easy and enjoyable with the Scout Cart — return library books, refill reusable water containers, stop by the grocery and hardware stores, and peruse open markets.

More than just a city shopping and utility cart, the Scout Cart has wide-ranging appeal. We hear it’s great for boaters who are most at home on the water. From San Francisco to Washington DC, Scout Cart does the toting for liveaboards who need to transport groceries and supplies down narrow piers to their floating homes.

There’s more. Tennis coaches love the easy access to tennis balls the Scout Cart’s height provides. Caterers love its storage capacity and maneuverability. Photographers love its ability to reach out-of-the-way places. Schools love its compact size. Doormen love its efficiency. Hotels love its look. Girl Scouts love it for cookies. Traveling salesmen love its portability. Property managers love its popularity.

When you’re looking for something awesome, purposeful, a little unusual and unexpected consider the Scout Cart; a great Christmas gift you’ll be remembered for.