ANNAPOLIS — Since the Scout Cart™ went on the market in July 2016, we’ve received numerous phone calls and emails from seniors and people with disabilities who are looking for ways to get out among others and be active despite problems with balance, walking, and strength. The Scout Cart is just what many are looking for to give a little support and reduce fatigue.

We’ve heard from people who are living in active retirement communities and they want to be in the mix of things. But they are faced with limitations. Running out of oxygen is a concern for an Indiana customer who called one afternoon to get specifics on the Scout Cart. She travels with an oxygen bottle and can stay out longer if she doesn’t have to carry stuff, which makes her breath faster, using more oxygen than she would otherwise.

A New York State woman, who has Multiple Sclerosis, is healthy and active and loves her independence. But her balance isn’t so good. It takes courage to go shopping because there isn’t always something to hold on to, especially in the parking lot, she said. At the grocery store she tries to get a spot near the cart corral. If the spots are taken, she’ll look for a stray cart and park near it. She was excited when her Scout Cart arrived.

“I love things that help make life easier,” she told me over the phone. “It’s wonderful. Putting it together was easy-breezy. I’m using it around the house and I love the weight of it. I’m leaning on it now… and it’s not tippy.” She hasn’t taken it out yet because she wants to practice folding and unfolding it, she said.

On March 20, we received this email from a customer who’d just ordered a Scout Cart: “My wife has a bit of trouble walking and your Cart looks to be just what she needs to help her get around stores and markets. Thanks for creating such a Great design! Looking forward to getting it.” — Randy

This made us smile. When we set out to design a better personal shopping cart we didn’t realize the many uses it would have. It feels good to know that our cart is helping people enjoy their independence and stay active!

Allison White
Scout Cart Founder
March 24, 2017