With our busy schedules, there are a couple things that we need to make our lives easier: convenience, quality, and versatility. If you are like most, you are constantly on the go, trying to keep up with your busy schedule. We made a personal grocery cart for these reasons; as a means to help you not only accomplish your daily tasks, but to also have a product that would truly be a reliable asset. Here are some reasons to invest in a Scout Cart:

Clean & Green

When you use our personal grocery cart, gone are the days of using dirty shopping carts. In addition, when you use the Scout, you can take your cart with you, making transferring your food into your home or apartment easier. The baskets of this personal grocery cart are dishwasher safe, giving you opportunity to keep your grocery cart sparkling clean and sanitary. Say goodbye to grocery bag waste!

Convenient & Compact

The Scout Cart is your personal grocery cart that gives you ultimate convenience. It is sturdy enough to handle multiple terrains that you encounter in the city and at the farmer’s market. When you are ready to load it into your car, it folds compactly. The baskets easily fit in most vehicles and can be used to carry your goods inside.


When you invest in a personal grocery cart, you can expect to get an item that will last and do exactly what it says it will do. We wanted to make a product that we felt met the needs of urban shoppers and would last. We feel that we did just that and hope that when you buy a Scout that we not only meet your expectations, but we also exceed them.

To learn more about buying your own Scout Cart, shop online here!