The Cargo Cart Company has partnered with an award-winning cart manufacturer to build it’s Scout Cart: a high end folding cart designed for use in urban neighborhoods and pedestrian centered mixed-use developments near grocery, produce and gourmet markets.

The partnership brings extensive engineering and manufacturing experience to the Scout Cart project.  Numerous market tested structural changes have been incorporated to the Scout Cart to further increase its strength and durability.

“We’re very excited about the people we’re working with, the progress being made, and the future of the cart,” said Cargo Cart Company’s Allison White. “High-quality and superior function have been our goals all along and we’re certain the final product will be amazing. Over the next month we’ll be testing changes and when all the wrinkles are ironed out tooling for production will begin. If all goes as planned, we will have product on the streets by the end of the year.”

Now is a great time to get on the pre-order list and reserve your Scout Cart at the discounted rate.