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Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? The folding, portable Scout Cart is an ideal gift for the shopper, city dweller, condo-liver, or long-walk lover in your life. On November 30, we’re reducing the price to $259 (yes, shipping is free) to celebrate Small Business Saturday. Find us at Scout Cart. Basket liners and cart trays are on sale too!

Did you know that small businesses make up 99% of all businesses in the U.S. and employ 47% of all workers? Yet only half make it to the five-year mark.

The Scout Cart, now in year three, is produced and distributed by a small family owned business in Severna Park, Maryland that is set on helping make the road ahead a sidewalk for people who prefer to run errands on foot, walk more, and for those who don’t drive. The family’s other business is an auto collision repair company.

Why Build A Folding Cart?

“There wasn’t just one reason we decided to make the Scout Cart,” says owner Allison White. “But supporting car-free zones where kids can run around safely and people can shop, dine and play — away from vehicle traffic — was one big reason. What keeps us inspired and committed are the people who love the Scout Cart because it makes their lives easier.”

Kimberly Laabs, a Novato, California, teacher writes: “[The Scout Cart] has transformed my life! I have had severe arthritis for over 30 years and walking distances and carrying items has been a challenge… I started slowing down and [not] going out. My doctor was encouraging me to get some type of walker (I am TOO young for that!). Your cart has changed all that. I now can easily move about my school day and carry needed papers, laptop, books and supplies.  More importantly, I can join my family on the many outings I had previously declined.”

Scout Cart Is Different, Better

“The Scout’s ergomonic design, quality workmanship and materials are what separates us from other cart makers,” says White. “We rarely get returns and when we do it is because the customer found the cart to be too heavy-duty for their needs. The cart comes with a one-year warranty and we have not yet had a cart returned because of a defect or break.”

The Scout Cart comes with two quick-release baskets, a lower tray, and a compact folding frame. The over-sized front swivel wheels with rubber tires and the 10” rear wheels are favorites. The cart is easy to fold and store in a vehicle or closet. Loaded baskets detach easily for transport or storage.

We hope you will visit us online at www.scoutcart.com and support our small business. Take a look at our new basket liners, also discounted for Small Business Saturday. Our liners expand for more storage capacity and keep your supplies dry and secure. Find us on Twitter, Instagram Facebook, 

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