In our last blog post, we began talking about the benefits of shopping at the farmer’s market, not just for you and your family, but also for the community, and environment. First of all, shopping at a farmer’s market allows you to shop locally, which gives you the opportunity to not only support the local economy, but also local farmers who are the backbone of the country’s food supply. Also, when you shop locally, you are investing in environmentally friendly transportation means. Shopping at your local farmer’s market allows you to have more affordable organic shopping options: You get the same quality of food for less. Shopping at your local farmer’s market allows you to eat seasonally. Why is this important? Eating seasonally gives you better tasting food with more nutrients. Additionally, when you buy your food from a farmer’s market you avoid dangers such as e coli that are commonly found in larger processing facilities. Summarized from our last post, when you shop at your local farmers market:

  • Make an investment in your local economy
  • No longer support oil-guzzling transportation methods
  • Save money while eating better-tasting food
  • Are less exposed to food-related dangers

Read on to learn more benefits of shopping at your local farmer’s market. If shopping at a farmer’s market sounds appealing, be sure to invest in your own personal grocery cart, such as the Scout cart. The Scout is reliable, made with high-quality materials which are fit for the local grocery store, farmer’s market, and fair. This personal grocery cart’s baskets easily remove and the cart itself folds compactly for easy transport. The cart’s basket’s are even dishwasher-safe so you can keep your family away from harmful germs that regularly encountered on public grocery carts. To learn more, visit our website!

Reasons to Shop at Your Local Farmer’s Market

Fresh Food

The food that you find at the local farmer’s market is in many cases fresher than that you will find in your local grocery store. Because the food is grown locally,  is left on the vine until it’s ripe, and is not transported over great distances, food at your local farmer’s market is fresher than its grocery store counterparts: means it tastes better and has more nutrients. If you want to eat healthier but struggle to because the fruits and veggies that you get at the store do not taste good, try shopping at the farmer’s market!


Another benefit to shopping at your local farmer’s market is the opportunity for variety. Because farmers and local artisans provide their own fares and wares, you can add a great variety to your diet. You get access to, for example, new flavors of olive oil that may never be available at the local grocery store. You also get access to unique fruits and veggies from farmers who have their own methods for growing their produce. If you are feeling bored or need to spice up your weekly menu, head to the farmer’s market!


As we’ve mentioned, eating locally is the healthy choice. You get to support the local economy as you eat food that is fresh, organic, and nutrient-rich. At many farmer’s markets you can buy local honey. Local honey has all the benefits of other locally grown food, with one more additional benefit: allergy prevention. Because local honey is made from the pollen of local plants and flowers, you are, by eating local honey, getting exposure to the local allergens. Exposure can alleviate the symptoms of many allergies.


Going to the farmer’s market is also a lot of fun. Not only do you get to try many of the foods available at the market, but you also have the opportunity to meet other locals who have the same ideals about eating in a community and environmentally conscious way as you. Often times, there is local entertainment such as musicians that are at the farmer’s market. Also, the farmer’s market can be a fun, yet an inexpensive way to spend a Saturday morning with friends. Simply enjoy a stroll through the market or plan to make dinner together with the food you find at the market!

We hope that you’ll visit your local farmer’s market this season and enjoy all the healthy and tasty food this season has to offer. Don’t forget to check out the Scout and get your personal grocery cart today!