Today, we will be switching gears from talking about nasty public shopping carts and germs to a more pleasant topic: tiny houses! One aspect about the Scout Cart’s personal grocery shopping cart that we love is that it promotes habits that take care of our beloved planet. We feel that tiny homes are one way for each of us and our family’s to reduce our footprint and live in an  environmentally conscious way. Though we understand that tiny homes are not for everyone, often it seems that environmentally conscious choices are written off as difficult or are simply not fully understood. Tiny homes offer much to those who invest in them. Today, we are going to briefly cover some of the types and styles of tiny homes available.

Bus Conversions

Why not convert a bus into a home? Converting an old school bus into a tiny home can be a great way to not only create a one-of-a-kind living space, but also repurpose an old vehicle that may have found itself sitting in the junkyard. Bus conversions lend themselves to retro, kitschy stylings and, due to the number of windows in a school bus, you receive plenty of natural light, cutting down on your energy consumption as well.

Cob House

A cob house is one made of all-natural materials—clay, sand, and straw. Cob houses, if constructed properly, can last for years with some in England lasting 500 years! If you like the look of a cottage in a fairytale, a cob house is the tiny home of your dreams!

Shipping Containers

Shipping containers can be converted into an upcycled tiny home with clean lines and a modern look. Shipping container tiny houses are fireproof and can withstand hurricanes as well. You can add windows, doors, and skylights to fill your home with natural light. Unsure if your home will be big enough? If you need to extra room, add an addition; this type of tiny home is easy to add on to with other shipping containers or modular structures.


A yurt is traditionally a round, tent-like structure, but has been transformed into permanent living quarters perfect for those looking to live a smaller, simpler life. Many modern yurts are constructed of wood or bamboo latticework and have a fully functional kitchen and bathroom. Often, yurt floors are made of concrete, making rugs the perfect additions to add comfort and unique style to your home.

Vardo Tiny House

Vardos were British Roman wagons that were often very ornate and drawn by horses centuries ago. Today, vardos are essentially the same thing, except modern vardos are made to be pulled behind a modern vehicle. What sets a vardo apart from a trailer or RV is their use of windows to create ample opportunity for natural light and their interiors being mainly constructed of wood, making a vardo—if you so choose— a quaint cottage on wheels.

These are just a few of the types of tiny homes available. We hope that you consider the environment in all your lifestyle choices, including the elimination of plastic bags. When you use a personal grocery shopping cart, the need for plastic bags is eliminated. To learn more about the destruction of plastic bags, go here and visit our website for more information about the Scout!