Though Scout Cart is our product, one of the main reasons why we are excited about it is the positive impact that using our personal shopping cart could have. Using our cart can promote so many positive changes and practices that could impact the environment. We are excited to offer clients the means to create the life that they want for themselves and the planet. Here are some ways that Scout Cart is making a positive impact on local communities and the world at large.

Support of Local Business

When you use your own personal shopping cart, you are able to indirectly support local business. Though simply buying a Scout isn’t supporting local business, the Scout allows you to have greater ease when shopping at your local farmer’s market or downtown area, and so you may be more willing to shop locally. Instead of struggling while shopping with empty shopping bags that tangle easily or having tired arms or a sore back for full shopping bags, the Scout makes it easy to shop and keep all your purchased items from getting crushed, bruised, or damaged.

Ease of Foot Travel

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, buying your own personal shopping cart allows you to shop on foot with greater ease. Not only does the Scout make it easier to shop, but using the Scout gives you an ease when you are walking back to your car or home. It is our hope that the Scout will inspire more to walk instead of drive to the store, not only for the sake of exercise and the health of our society, but also for the environment as well.

Disuse of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags, though useful, ultimately are not that environmentally friendly, even with the programs to recycle them. Many recycling facilities are not equipped with the means to recycle plastic bags and so burn them or send them to the landfill. When you use a personal shopping cart, however, and in particular the Scout, you no longer need to use plastic bags; simply put your items straight in your clean personal shopping cart. Even paper bags use unneeded energy. The best green alternative is to opt for bagless shopping.

Protection From Germs

Though having protection from germs isn’t necessarily something that will impact the environment, it will affect those that you care about the most. Public shopping carts are riddled with germs, bacteria, and dirt. Many stores never clean them, and when you put your groceries in those carts, you are exposing your food to unneeded germs, especially if you choose to go bagless. The Scout, however, has dishwasher-safe baskets that are easy to remove and easy to clean. No longer do you have to expose your family to avoidable germs. And if we all stay healthier, and disallow the spreading of germs, the community itself will benefit.

Scout Cart: A Catalyst for Positive Change

As the creators of Scout Cart, we believe in giving our customers an environmentally conscious and convenient option that is not only sanitary, but also ergonomic. Truly, we want to help make the world a better place. Each of our personal shopping carts is made with the highest quality materials, allowing you to have a cart that is reliable and easy to use and put away when you are home and no longer need it. To learn more about this personal shopping cart and order yours today, visit our website!